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2013 Bookkeeper of the Future Symposium

Two Day Symposium

Bookkeeper of the Future

Presented by:
Ronald Baker of the Verasage Institute
Ed Kless from Sage North America

Download - 2 Day Symposium Agenda

Bookkeeping is hard and bookkeepers are under-appreciated and under-paid.

In fact, the way it is practiced today, bookkeeping is plagued with high stress, long hours, unappreciative clients and low pay. As a result, most bookkeepers work too hard and don’t get paid nearly enough for what they do.

This is all about to change – for some of you.

In this two-day, interactive symposium, Ron Baker and Ed Kless will tackle the bookkeeping industry’s most difficult challenges head on and teach you how to create the bookkeeping practice you’ve always dreamed of:

· Pricing and Profit:

Most bookkeepers bill by the hour and have a very difficult time estimating in advance the number of hours work will take. As a result, clients are often surprised by higher bills than they expected and bookkeepers reduce their rates and take write-downs in order to get paid.

Ron and Ed will show you how to make the move from hourly billing to value pricing. You’ll learn how to price your work in advance so that clients know what to expect, and how to give the clients choices about the service levels they want. You’ll have more satisfied clients who will be willing to pay more for the great value you provide.

· Staffing and Leverage:

Many experienced bookkeepers have difficulty keeping good staff. When they get too busy, they hire junior bookkeepers to do data-entry and reconciliations and spend lots of (unpaid) time and energy training them – only to have them leave to start their own bookkeeping business – often taking clients in the process.

Ron and Ed will demonstrate how you can create value for your staff and build a work environment that will keep your team delighted. This results in long-term employment and lower staff turn-over. You’ll be able to spend your time doing what you do best – growing your practice and managing your client relationships – and leave junior work to your appreciative, long-term staff.

· Client Expectations and Stress:

Bookkeepers have to manage multiple client deadlines – and often work late nights and weekends because their clients leave things until the last minute.

And, most clients don’t understand the value that bookkeepers provide. They under-estimate the skill and experience required to do bookkeeping well and they under-estimate the effort required to meet deadlines and CRA reporting requirements.

Ron and Ed will show you how to educate your clients and demonstrate the real value that you bring to the table. They’ll show you how to better set and manage client expectations so that your clients will be consistently delighted. They’ll also show you how to give clients incentives to provide you with the information you need early so that you have lots of time to meet their deadlines.

Become a Bookkeeper of the Future – Now!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Ron Baker and Ed Kless how to change your practice for the better. Come to the seminar and discover how to make more money, work fewer hours and have more delighted clients – you’ll be glad you did. It’s the best investment you could ever make in your practice.

Save almost $2,000 – over 75% off the regular price!

As our Platinum Sponsor, Sage North America is generously subsidizing this program to make it affordable for bookkeepers. Ron and Ed provide a similar two day program for accountants called the Sage Firm of the Future Symposium and charge $2,500 per person! Through our relationship with Sage we are able to offer this program to you – specifically tailored to bookkeepers - for a savings of almost $2,000 (over 75%) per person!

Seating is limited and we expect to sell-out quickly.

Click here to register now for the this amazing seminar.






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