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2016 Value Pricing Black Swan 5 Program

IGNITE your business - Take it to the next level!

You have heard the buzz words "Firm of the Future and Firm of the Now”. These buzz words have sprung up in the past few years to deal with the new reality facing the bookkeeping and accounting professions today.  The traditional business model no longer works and is not keeping up with our customers’ expectations and the technology disruptions impacting our industry today!!!

IPBC in partnership with Ronald J. Baker through our unique and exclusive Black Swan Program have developed the business model specifically designed for professional bookkeepers and accountants to meet these challenges and flourish in today's market place.   

Our world class program uses the theory and principals of value pricing to transform your bookkeeping and accounting practice to a proactive and customer oriented business model.   The program will realign your practice to focus on customer transformations.  The Black Swan program will enlighten you on how to change your business model from an hourly traditional bookkeeping/accounting model of input and scope based value, to an outcomes fixed pricing model that best suits each individual customer’s expectations and needs.

The program is Facilitated by Ronald J. Baker, the leading expert in Value Pricing, author of 7 books including the book modeled after this program "Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms”, Founder of VeraSage Institute – the leading think tank dedicated to educating professionals internationally, Radio talk show host on the www.VoiceAmerica.com  – The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, and a world renown speaker who has toured the world spreading his value-pricing message to over 130,000 professionals.

Our program is going into it’s fifth successful year this September/2016, the feedback from over thirty past graduates have indicated significant growth and profitability from participating in this program. The program is structured for the individual to obtain a personalized experience that will allow them to adopt the value pricing concepts that will best suit their practice over an 8-month period. 

Register for the 2016 Black Swan Program with a 50% (non refundable) deposit before July 31, 2016 and you will receive one complimentary night during your stay at the IGNITE Conference.  Given the large interest in this program every year, a questionnaire will have to be completed to determine eligibility for the program.

CPB Member Price $5000
(50% deposit required)

Non Certified Member Price $6500
(50% deposit required)


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