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Who should attend the Value Pricing Black Swan Program

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Who Should Enroll:

Any professional interested in maximizing their profits (and the quality of their life) with the proven principals of Value Pricing, while increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and profitability.

Level: A professional who wants to change or is in the process of changing their business model using the principles of value pricing.

Recommended Prerequisite:

Read Ron Baker’s book, Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firm, and/or listened to the IPBC Webinar series on the 8-Steps to Implementing Value Pricing and workshops.

Expected Results:

You will have learned the theory of Value Pricing, and advanced your skills to the next level. Along with prior Black Swans, and your colleagues, you would have worked through Value Pricing principals with real life case studies and examples in transforming your business model.

Major Topics

  • Preparing for a Value Conversation
  • Conducting a Value Conversation
  • Ascertaining customer expectations
  • Dealing with customer price psychology and how to overcome pricing emotions

  • Determining when Change Orders are necessary
  • Negotiating the Change Order for maximum pricing and customer delight
  • Searching the profit-optimizing price for each engagement and/or service by offering choices
  • The importance of customer selection and the revolutionary Adaptive Capacity Model
  • The First and Second Law of pricing and how those influence your pricing decisions
  • The Five C’s of Value
  • How the anchoring and framing effects influence pricing
  • The seven types of customer risk and their impact on value
  • How to fire a customer 

The billable hour is dead. The advantages of Value Pricing over hourly billing have been empirically proven in the marketplace, and by many firms around the world.

IPBC - CPB Member Price $4795
(50% deposit required)

IPBC Member Price $4995

(50% deposit required)

Non Member Price $5995
(50% deposit required)

Includes one year
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