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Business Savvy Breakout Sessions



            Lessons From the Black Swans
            Ronald J. Baker, VeraSage Institute

Join the Black Swan IV graduates for an inside look at how they transformed their business model from a Professional Service Firm to a Professional Knowledge Firm.
Topics and Questions to be discussed:

  • Crafting and conducting the value conversation
  • Did you get pushback from customers?
  • How many customers did you lose?
  • Were you able to raise your prices?
  • How did you overcome pricing objections?
  • How do you build your pricing options
  • How do you deal with scope creep?
  • Did you really trash your timesheets?
  • How has this change changed your practice? Your employees? Your customers? Your profitability? Your quality of life?

            The Post-Professional Society 
            Ronald J. Baker, VeraSage Institute 

In the book The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts, Richard and Daniel Susskind open with this evocative statement:

"This book is about the professions and the systems and people that will    replace them. Technology will be the main driver of this change. …in the long run, we will neither need nor want professionals to work in the way that they did in the twentieth century and before…We are advancing into a post- professional society.”

Learning Objectives

  • What does it mean to be a profession
  • What technology exists right now that is displacing the professions
  • What are the moral issues of machines and expert systems making decisions previously made by the judgment of professionals.

            I’d Work on my Confidence – if I Knew Where to Find It … 
           Vicki Fenn,Fenn Consulting Group

What are self-confidence and self-esteem anyway? Why are they so important – yet so elusive? Maybe they aren’t what we think they are … maybe they aren’t so hard to find … maybe we’ve been looking in all the wrong places … or maybe they were never missing?!  Come to this provocative, evocative, and fun session. You might just find what you’ve been looking for …

            Finding Work/Life Balance – Why is it Like Herding Cats?
            Vicki Fenn, Fenn Consulting Group

Oh, the buzz about work/life balance! Does that term evoke a picture for you of juggling groceries, kids, fitness, friends, aging parents, career dreams, volunteering, and the phone under your chin while you’re trying to unlock the car door? And let’s not forget a relationship with a partner – whether it’s trying to keep the one we have or finding a new one! With all the responsibilities we have, it seems we just get one area settled and something unexpected pops up in another. How do we strike that balance when we seem to have so little control?  Well – maybe it’s not about control. Maybe there’s something else required to experience balance. Come to this fun and lively talk about the thing we all want so badly yet can’t seem to sustain.

           The "Dance” of Business:  Are you leading or being led?
            Char Hiebert, CPB

As a solo practitioner, how many times do you find yourself reacting to a customer, rather than guiding them?  Are you responding quickly to urgent emails or staying late at their office because they need you to?  How many times do you end up bowing to their needs in the name of "customer service” or wanting to "help” them - only to end up working evenings/weekends while your personal life suffers?  Well, in this session, Char will share what she has learned about:

  • What it "looks like” to lead a customer vs being led by them?
  • Defining "customer service” for your practice
  • What it means to "help” your customer
  • Figuring out "who” your customer thinks is leading the dance
  • How you are "hurting” yourself and your customer by bowing to their immediate needs
  • What actually happens to your customers when you take the lead.

           The Journey from Winnipeg to Hawaii 
           Char Hiebert, CPB

Are you leveraging your flexibility as a solo practitioner bookkeeper? With technology, online resources, the network of IPBC bookkeepers, persistence and a bit of creative problem solving you have an amazing opportunity to build a solo practice that can give you the life of your dreams. Char will take you through her personal journey of how she crafted her bookkeeping practice which allows her to work for her Winnipeg customers while living in Hawaii over the winter months. Steps she took include:

  • Her customer selection process, and why this is critical to crafting a lifestyle business
  • How collaboration instead of competition with other bookkeepers allowed her to pick and choose which clients best fit her desired lifestyle and refer the others to peers
  • How she moved from working on-site in Winnipeg to working remotely from a Hawaiian island for the winter months
  • How she chose the aspects of business that thrill her enough to keep her disciplined - even while surrounded by palm trees and ocean breezes
  • What mindset and attitude is essential to her success.

             "If you want to go fast, go alone … if you want to go far, go together”
             Chenine Humphrey, CPB, DFA - PaperTrail Bookkeeping and Business Center

Taken from an African proverb, this quote describes Chenine’s take on a business model that revolves around bookkeepers banding together to help each other out – instead of overworking themselves in isolation or depriving themselves of much needed vacation and down-time. Much like the associations used by many accountants and doctors for outsourcing while still providing great customer service, Chenine uses a system that allows workload relief, camaraderie of other bookkeepers, and sharing of resources. Join her along with Jennifer Korhonen, CPB and IPBC Co-Regional Developer to see how they are working together to keep their revenue stream ignited!

            If your Calling Card is your WPM, we gotta Talk! (aka ways to stay bad-ass in this
            ever-changing, cloud- based, and increasingly automated world of bookkeeping
            Marnie Stretch, CPB

Data entry – whether you enjoy it or not, the facts are indisputable. The bookkeeping world is moving beyond this particular skill set, and automation is happening at an alarming rate. What can you do to stay relevant? What services will set you apart? How can you make the transformation from bookkeeper to trusted advisor? What are customers really looking for in this cloud-y climate? Come and discover crucial and creative ways to deliver a great service in ways only you can!

            The Bookkeeper/Accountant Tango – Together you can make a Great Dance Pair
            Trevor Sutherland, CGA, CPA - EPR Coquitlam

The accountant may lead the dance, but it requires the bookkeeper and accountant to work together to create synchronized movements.  Have you and the accountant clearly determined what your rolls and responsibilities will be?  Have you and the accountant communicated to share ideas and information so you know what the next move will be?  How do you mutually support each other to be effective?  The client is the judge, so do you know the criteria that you will be judged against?  Let’s talk about how you can choreograph a great dance and get that perfect 10!

            Social selling – the future to successful new business - Marketing your services 
           Speaker Nancy Teixeira - Sage         

Social media is crucial to branding and building your business. But contrary to popular belief, it's not free. You need to invest your time. Join us and find out how to invest that time in the right places, on the right platforms, for your particular business. We'll cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and more.

            How Bookkeepers will save the world
            Alex Glassey, MBA

Everyone agrees that the success of our communities and economies rests on small businesses which power innovation and drive job growth.

But their success depends on a good knowledge of cash flow, planning and finance. Which is often lacking.

This session shows how the modern bookkeeper directly and profoundly impacts the growth, profitability and overall success of any small business. They are trained in financial fundamentals, they are familiar with core technologies, and they know their clients intimately: the modern bookkeeper is perfectly positioned to guide small businesses successfully into the future. 

            Growing your Business with the new First Data-IPBC Member Subscription Program
            Trevor Poplar, VP Partnerships & Nadim Awan, Partner Relationship Manager

First Data and IPBC have partnered to bring IPBC members exclusive benefits to help your business be more competitive. From great advice tools such as our Meaningful Business Conversation to exclusive rates and partner promotions, please join us to learn how our partnership can help create great client outcomes.

            Running a bookkeeping business in today’s challenging economy can be a struggle
            Patricia Sawatzky, CPB

To win at this game, you’ll need the right strategies. Patricia Sawatzky knows this well.

She is just like you.  Success hasn't always come easy.Despite running her company, TAP Bookkeeping in a small BC town where finding quality clients was rarely a guarantee, she used 5 strategies to turn things around. In this fascinating talk, Patricia will guide you on the following: Networking Made Easy, Think Local, Hire Great Staff, Deliver Exceptional Value, Look And Act Like A Pro.  If you’re interested in growing your business, and hearing from someone in the trenches with you, she will shed some light on how you can be successful.

           Why the need for Errors & Omissions and General Liability Insurance?
Brenda Jennett, Managing Partner - John Ross Insurance

We are seeing some of the highest awards in our Canadian Courts and Professionals are being held to an ever increasing duty of care. This means you … how can you protect yourself? Insurance can be a major part of the solution.  See how at the conference where you will learn how to:

     1)   Identify your risk exposures

     2)  Help protect your Reputation in the event of a claim or error

     3)  Protect your business assets and your personal assets

     4)  Protect against frivolous lawsuits

     5)  Ensure your clients are taken care of

Legal and Financial Consideration for Selling a Business
Stuart Ducoffe, employment and labour lawyer, e2r and Ward Bertam, Wealth Management Specialist, Prospera Credit Union

Join Ceridian partner Stuart Ducoffe, employment and labour lawyer and founder of e2r and Ward Bertram, Wealth Management Specialist, Prospera Credit Union for a discussion on the  financial employment legal considerations for selling a business. Get a better understanding of the strategic plans and structures that need to be in place to facilitate a successful sale to a third party, new owner or family member. Additionally, learn about employment and labour law policies and procedures that make a business more attractive to a buyer, including enforceable employment agreements, a legislatively compliant employee handbook and more. Whether you or your clients are looking to sell a business in the form of an asset or share purchase, this legal and financial discussion can’t be missed.

           Wake Up for You: How a Powerful Morning Routine Can Transform Your Day
Scott Friesen, Simpletivity

What time do you set your alarm for?  Do you wake up with a huge smile on your face or is the snooze button your best friend?  Scott will share why when you wake up is just as important as what you do in the first hour.  Through his own experiences and experiments, Scott will get you motivated to leave your pillow behind and change your mornings forever.

In this keynote you will learn:

    • How to create an energizing morning routine that will impact your entire day
    • Why hitting the snooze button is worse than getting fewer hours of sleep
    • There is no such thing as an early bird or night owl personality
    • Why you should never check email during the first hour of the day


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