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Board of Directors


R.F. (Rod) Cox, FCPB, ACC.DIR. - Chair 
Rod has over 30 years of accounting, financial and general business management experience and has been involved in a wide range of industries including forest products, logging, road maintenance and construction, retail/wholesale and media (radio, television and cablevision).
He has served as Vice-President, Finance for a large regional British Columbia media group, responsible for all accounting, information systems and financial reporting including external reporting to shareholders and regulatory bodies.
Rod currently provides Controller and consulting services to small and medium sized business and non-profits. He also assists new businesses get started with the long term in mind.
Rod is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. He holds a CPB, Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation and an Acc.Dir., Accredited Director designation.
Rod has served as Treasurer and President of the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce. He is a Governor of the BC Chamber of Commerce and a past director of the BC Games Society, the Northern BC Winter Games Society and the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. He is currently a director and Vice Chair of the Northern Savings Credit Union Board.

  Linda Vogel, CPB  - Vice Chair

Linda Vogel, CPB is the owner of Linda’s Bookkeeping & Consulting in Apple Hill, Ontario. Recently expanded by opening an office in Perth. Linda herself grew up outside of Ashton Ontario on a small hobby farm consisting of beef cows and chickens. Linda was an active 4-H member since the young age of 13, where she showed beef calves and took part in the life skills clubs. Once Linda had finished her years in 4-H she moved to Glengarry County where she married her husband Paul. She then began as a 4-H leader. Linda has 2 children that have been a big part of her life.

  Connie Sparks, CPB  - Treasurer
Connie grew up in a business family, grocery stores, she wasn’t taught to run a business but was taught to work harder than everyone else for less money. She started her first business at the age of 23 and learned some valuable lessons in that experience.  After management positions in other people’s business, a few more of her own ventures , she felt she was working too hard for too little money.
  Beverly Haggins, CPB - Secretary
I have a community college education enhanced by selected university courses.  My first fulltime position was in 1971 (back when we hand wrote in journals and ledgers).  Over the last 44 years I have worked in business as well as public accounting. The last 15 years I have been successfully self-employed, but am now retiring from active day-to-day work.  I am a certified member and Regional Developer with IPBC as well as being a confirmed member of APA&TC.

Colleen Hoggarth, FCPB - Board Member

After working for more than 25 years in the bookkeeping field, in 2012 I purchased a bookkeeping business, Security House Accounting Services, and at the time researched the various bookkeeping organizations.  I felt that associating myself with the IPBC would give my clients surety in knowing I have the qualifications to provide accurate records for them.

Kerri Bouffard, CPB - Board Member
I started my career in bookkeeping in 1992 as the Business Manager for Canada’s largest privately owned summer camp for children. In this position – "everything” was in my job description and I loved it.  I remained in this position until 2003 when the owners sold the camp and on their recommendation, I started Add-Vantage Bookkeeping, with them being my first client in their new business venture.  

  Lin James, CPB - Board Member
I worked in public and private sector positions before starting my own business in 1994 and have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of a variety of industries and businesses. This variety keeps me on my toes always finding solutions to various situations and/or customer needs I love it.

I am proud to display my CPB designation and would like to see it more widely recognized - identified - sought after by bookkeepers, business owners and accountants. A good bookkeeper needs to be current with tax legislation, business reporting requirements and knowledgeable about the process. It is not enough to say you are a bookkeeper, you need to prove it to the world and be proud. You need to be constantly educating yourself to be relevent and current. As bookkeepers, we are privy to some very private aspects of our customers’ lives which requires a great deal of trust and a confidentiality bond which we should never take for granted. We need to have the difficult conversations without emotion or blame. We are a part of their team.
I hope to share my experience and knowledge with the board so that we can continue the growth of this amazing organization, what it stands for and be the primary “go to” resource for anyone wanting a great bookkeeper!

  Galit Sugar, CPB - Board Member
I started my career as a bookkeeper 24 years ago working for a small accounting firm. My keen interest and passion for solving my client’s specific problems drove me to open my own practice.  In 2003 I opened “My bookkeeper.ca”, a bookkeeping firm which specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses.

With the combined experience and knowledge of various software I become an expert bookkeeper and trainer.  I specialize in teaching business owners how to become proficient in the use of their own software & programs. My approach ensures that businesses receive individual attention and the programs and solutions chosen are the result of careful assessments that are tailored to their specific business needs.
I work with a variety of businesses over many industries.  I hold numerous certifications. I am a certified Sage Trainer and a gold level certified Sage 50-Cnd Accounting Consultant as well as a member of the Sage Accountant Network.  I am a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I am an active member within several organizations and remain committed to education with the most up to date programs. My fresh outlook and outgoing personality are a welcome contribution to any team.
I hope to bring my passion and enthusiasm to the IPBC board. I am certain that with my analytical, outspoken and critical nature I will make a positive impact on the direction of the association.

  Tammatha Denyes, CPB - Board Member
Tammatha is the owner of TD Accounting Services, a Cloud Based Accounting practice physically located in Stirling Ontario. She has had the honor to service clients for the last 25 years not only in her local area but across Canada. With the advent and evolution of cloud accounting, she has re-structured her practice to embrace the new technology, and this has allowed her and her team to help SMB’s focus on building and growing their businesses by offering solutions to problems they encounter. In her spare time, she loves to golf, spend time with her family and expand her knowledge on the ever changing landscape of cloud accounting. 


Barbara B. Sanderson, CPB - Board Member
I was taught from an early age to help people and to give back to my community. My parents were excellent role models in this, and I followed in their footsteps when I was 14 by becoming a member of our family team that counted the collection at church once a month, and by singing in the church choir. I still do both, although regretfully, without my parents. The church secretary at the time, Mrs. Edna Clough, was another role model who gave me my first training in bookkeeping outside of school. All these great examples led me to serve on my parish council, first as the youth member, and twice more afterward as a regular member, as well as becoming one of the youth ministry leaders.
I have also served on my housing co-operative board of directors and served a seven-year term as the co-op treasurer. In addition, I serve pro bono as the treasurer for both an 18th-century re-enactment group and a cat club. I started my bookkeeping business in 1987 on the advice of my best friend after being disappointed by the limitations of being an employee, and although I’ve dipped my toe in the employee pool again a couple of times since (being tempted by customers with great job offers), it just isn’t for me.
I learned about the IPBC at one of Alan Salmon’s Accounting Technology Seminars and on his advice, joined the organization in 2008. I sat for my CPB exam in 2009, and currently, serve on the Awards Committee. I have a strong belief that the bookkeeping industry is badly in need of a standard to which its members can be held, and that the IPBC is the organization in the best position to set it. I would like to help achieve this goal as a member of the Board of Directors. I promise to work hard on behalf of the members!






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