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IPBC Mission Statement

Mission Statement

IPBC provides the environment, knowledge, and resources its members need to develop excellence in bookkeeping, through education, networking, advocacy, information and research.

The focus is to create member value and benefits that in turn contribute to creating a stronger trust relationship with Canadian business.

Our Vision

By providing relevant services and products that continuously improve, are affordable and in the forefront of the bookkeeping industry, IPBC is recognized as the leading organization and role model by members, stakeholders and Canadian business in developing excellence in the bookkeeping industry.

The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to achieving public awareness for the CPB-Certified Professional BookkeepersTM of Canada and assist men and women to adhere to a professional and ethical standard in the bookkeeping profession.


The association is designed to bring recognition to those people who have demonstrated knowledge in the bookkeeping industry by completing a bookkeeping exam. Only those people with a CPBTM - Certified Professional BookkeeperTM designation from the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada will be able to display their knowledge to the public and prospective employers.

As members of a recognized professional organization, accountants enjoy a respected position in the communities in which they work. IPBC’s mandate is to change the general perception toward bookkeeping across Canada and bring public recognition to CPB-Certified Professional BookkeepersTM.

Bookkeepers now have the opportunity to display a professional designation to the public and potential employers and become members of a recognized profession. As trained professionals,CPB-Certified Professional BookkeepersTM can look forward to greater job security in a rapidly changing business world.

IPBC is run by a board of Directors and is the only association of its kind in Canada that is run by paid professional staff. The Executive Director runs the day to day operations with support staff, taking direction from the Board.

IPBC does not represent or endorse any one college, supplier or any individual training method. Its role is to simply certify the ability of the bookkeeper and to confirm yearly continuing education credits to renew and maintain certification.

Members of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada have access to a wide variety of money saving programs, business building resources, marketing material and continuing educational opportunities. The online forum, open 24/7 365 is available to members in good standing. Ask questions, share ideas and create lasting relationships with colleagues across Canada. There are almost half a million bookkeepers in Canada. Learn the secrets of the best run companies through the forum, newsletter, conference and monthly webinars.






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