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IPBC Member Testimonials

Black Swan Program

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to have had the opportunity to mentor under Ron Baker within the IPBC Black Swan program.  The program not only gave me the necessary understanding and skills, but also the confidence to truly change the course of my business.  My revenue has more than tripled and I have been able to make changes in direction to become more than just a number processor and focus more on advisory and coaching services.  I have re-found the passion in what I do and can now truly help my clients as they need help, rather than just dealing with historical data and advising them after the fact.     
Tanya Hilts

Black Swan Program

With all the talk of “value pricing” in our industry, and all the research that I had done prior to becoming a Black Swan, I thought I understood the mechanics and the implementation and was practicing value pricing in my firm in a way that was beneficial.

And I was wrong.

During my time as a Black Swan mentee, I found that my actual knowledge was not what it could have been.  By participating in this mentorship, I realized just how much more I could learn, and then apply.  I used to use values as a way to come up with a monthly price for my customers.  And it’s not about that.  It’s about the value you offer and bring to the table.  And what is that worth to the customer?  What are they willing to pay for that value?  Each proposal is now customized based on the numerous conversations.  What does my customer need?  What does my customer value?  It’s not about the “predefined” package I used to offer.  It’s about why my customer has reached out to us.  And now, my monthly proposed price reflects that knowledge gained. 

Now, it’s a year later and I realize that the learning will never end.  It means that for the rest of my business life, I will be finessing this skill that I now understand, and hopefully will master.  I would love to thank Ron for being there to answer the questions and for being there during the “eureka” moment.  I would like to thank IPBC for bringing this new way of thinking to my attention.  And most of all I would love to thank Intuit Canada for the opportunity.  We are now able to say that revenues have increased over 45% year over year with no end in sight.
Tammatha Denyes, CPB

Black Swan Program

I decided to adopt Value pricing in 2013 after having heard of the success of previous Black Swans. I read Ron Baker’s book and tried the concepts of the program with a fair amount of success. But I also realized I was missing something. I applied to the 2014/2015 Black Swan program and was accepted. Through working with Ron Baker directly I found what I was looking for. Ron coached us to think outside the box. He showed us how to be brave with our package offerings and be courageous with our prices. Through his coaching my revenue doubled with out the need to significantly increase my overhead costs. As a result, I am working less…yet making considerably more money. It does not matter what kind of a practice you have, the program can be adapted to reach your goals.The Black Swan program has taught me not only about the Value of my work to my customers, but also to respect the Value of my time and my goals for myself.
Marian Rice, FCPB

Black Swan Program

I have implemented the program with about 30% of my clients so far.  My strategy has been to convert existing clients and for any new clients they would be set up on the program right away.   With the clients that I have converted, the revenue generated has only gone up marginally, and this was a conscious choice based on how I felt about what was already being charged for the work being done, and the fact that the clients did not want any extra services – they didn’t want any less either.  The real benefit has come from the ease of monthly billings, the steady revenue, the clear scope, and the luxury of not having to watch the clock when working on or speaking with those clients.  So the return on investment for me has been more qualitative than quantitative.  And what would I say is my qualitative return?  I would say my stress reduction from the ease to administration is about 20%-25%, and that’s a pretty good return!  Well worth the course. And I’m not done yet, 100% of my clients will be converted at some point in the near future.
Lisa Lowry, CPB

Webinar: Best Practices for Bookkeepers

All four parts of this series was amazing!  So much information was given and really assists me in getting on the right track for my very new business.  Part 4 Red Flags confirmed without a doubt that I did the right thing two weeks ago with terminating my client.  This is a weak point for me, trusting too much and being a helper.  It is important for me to change my approach and way of thinking so that I can be the best possible bookkeeper while at the same time protecting myself. Eileen has been extremely generous with her information and am extremely thankful for that.  IT feels as though I am working with a team and not doing it all on my own.  Thanks IPBC and Eileen.The same applies for the Working in the Cloud Webinars.  Kerri also has done an amazing job. Thanks again!! Janetta

Wow you guys. Another AMAZING INCREDIBLE event.
In addition to the great content, I have made the most wonderful friends. And every year (even though I don't think it's possible) the conference gets even better than the last. The memories I have from these conferences are something I will always treasure. Hats off to another sensational conference.
You. Guys. Rock
Marnie Stretch, CPB 

2014 Conference Kelowna - I just got back Sunday from the IPBC conference...
Three days of top notch speakers on a large variety of topics and super accommodations.
Sponsors and Booths from every one from Sage One to QBO, Freshbooks, Wave, ADP, Various insurance companies, and applications. Sorry to any one I missed, I'm still processing everything I took in and going over the materials provided.
I was in the Lions Club organization for over 20 year and attended conferences and conventions every year including three international conventions. I must say that this conference ranked right up there with some of the best I've ever attended. The net working, the information, and lets not forget special offers to people in attendance truly made this worth while.
Hats off to the staff and volunteers who made this conference an event...truly, a super job.
Bill Garrett, CPB                                                     

The Black Swan Project
"There are firms that have been left behind because of technology. I feel it with bookkeeping, making sure I am using the on-line services and experimenting with new software programs, especially with "I-cloud services". I think we also have to evolve in the manner that we perceive and manage our practices. I believe Ron is right, I think the old model of hourly billing will one day be obsolete. I'd rather be in the front of the pack than the back, struggling to survive."
Cindy Kindret, CPB 

Thank you!
"I wanted to take the time to thank you all of the IPBC staff for all the work you do for all of us members.  I am so grateful to have won the membership in Las Vegas at the Simply Accounting Conference last year.  This membership which I recently renewed gives me the opportunity to be part of this amazing group of people not to mention all of the benefits of being a member.  Now with Ron Baker and IPBC you have teamed up to give five people an amazing opportunity to become Knowledge Firms and better themselves and their business.  I think you are an amazing organization, thanks again for all the hard work you put into giving us great opportunities to grow our business and ensure we are compliant."
Debrah Burleigh, CPB Debrah's Accounting Service

"Good morning IPBC!!!   I wanted to send you this quick note to thank you for a fabulous weekend of learning, inspiration, camaraderie, and fun!! I am was so impressed with this conference and can hardly believe that as a team, you were able to manage this highly engaging event with your very first attempt.  I look forward to attending next year!!!  Thanks again and regards!"
Cindy Kindret, CPB

"To all the staff/volunteers at IPBC...  

Thank you so very much for putting on such an informative, interesting, well organized and entertaining weekend at the first annual conference!   I can only imagine all the hard work and many hours that went in to organizing this event, in my view it was a tremendous success and congrats on all your efforts.   I am truly looking forward to next year in Mississauga, see you all there.  Kind regards"  
Mike Roy, CPB Ottawa ON

"What an amazing conference"

I learned so much my head is just spinning. Everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic it was so good to be part of the experience. IPBC has an excellent staff and volunteers…..it truly is a great organization and I am proud to be a member. 
Judy Rheault, CPB

"I received a raise in my salary within weeks of becoming a Certified Professional Bookkeeper"

"Becoming a Certified Professional Bookkeeper has opened a lot of doors for me because it assures my boss and the employees that I have the education and knowledge required to be a successful in my position. I have only one bookkeeper association membership now and encourage everyone to join IPBC so you too can enjoy the many benefits that I have." 
Cynthia Dilney, CPB

"When clients saw I belonged to the IPBC, they went forward."

"I met with a prospective client the other day. When they found out that I was a member of an association they were interested in what I could do for them. IPBC membership tipped the scales in my favor!" 
Kathy Fike, CPB

"My business grew 23%!"

"My business grew 23% as a direct result of my Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation from IPBC!" 
Angela Franklin, CPB 

"Other professionals in the field are a wealth of knowledge!"

"I live in a relatively small town without nearby access to seminars. The IPBC members forum gives me access to the knowledge and advice I need to help my clients." 
Carole Holtzman, Quesnel, BC

"I saved $1,200 on my E&O Insurance!"

"I was able to get a great quote on my E&O Insurance because I was a member of IPBC. The insurance savings basically paid for over 3 years of IPBC membership because for every dollar spent on dues, I got $3.29 back in E&O Insurance savings."
Maritza Soles, CPB

"The Knowledge Guide lets you know what the exam is going to expect from you. That’s not all. There are also several examples to clarify terms and methods. It makes it easier to plan how to study.” Diane Withers
I would like to express my appreciation of the excellent and valuable service provided by IPBC.  I had had a prior bad experience with another association and had delayed at least 3 years in joining IPBC.   Now I am so grateful that I did join IPBC.  The wealth of information imparted in the Webinars, the assistance provided in the Members Forum, and the personal support provided to me, as a sole practitioner working from home, makes the annual fees very worthwhile.   That does not even begin to touch upon the value and support provided by IPBC partners and other IPBC members.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Keep up the good work. 
 Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete, CPB

"I look forward to the conference, and I have to say that being a member of IPBC has boosted my confidence greatly in being a standalone freelance bookkeeper."
Cheryl Nitchie, CPB

"I am very happy about my membership with IPBC, When I compare the information and available support from IPBC via the webinars and the forums to what I have received so far from CIB – there is no comparison." 
Margaret Somerville, CPB Oshawa ON

"It has been so exciting since I become IPBC member and CPB not long ago. I have learned a lot from the member's forum. This is a professional association for interested bookkeepers to learn, share and grow."
Brian Lap Yan, CPB





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