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Tiers Pathway Announcement

NEW - Tiers Membership structure, effective January 1st, 2018

IPBC is the thought leader in the Canadian bookkeeper profession, and, as such, we are striving to be the organization that all professional bookkeepers want to join - and remain with - through all the stages of their career.

In an ongoing effort to strengthen our certification program, and in keeping with the IPBC Strategic Plan, the Board has approved a tiered pathway to certification, thereby providing more opportunities to those who wish to obtain their IPBC Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation (CPB).

A tiered pathway to certification will allow individuals who want to develop and build a career in bookkeeping to join IPBC at any stage of their career path, and remain with us as they progress. These Tiers allow us to expand the pathways for our membership from both an academic and a level of experience platform, providing two methods of obtaining our CPB designation. Each Tier has a set of defined prerequisites, expectations, testing requirements, completion requirements and a set of public services that a bookkeeper in this Tier can provide.

Educational Pathway – this path will require fulfilling the pre-requisite requirements for each level before moving on to the next, and will be designed for those students enrolled in bookkeeping courses, or those who have just graduated but have little or no work-experience.

Experience Pathway – this path will acknowledge those who have obtained a certain level of experience and skill sets through on-the-job training, and will be designed to include the ability to write a challenge exam, based on the number of years of work-experience they have in the bookkeeping and accounting field.

The new Tiers are as follows:

Apprentice Bookkeeper (Tier 1)

Intern Bookkeeper (Tier 2)

Technician Bookkeeper (Tier 3)

Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) (Tier 4)

We are excited to share this new pathway with you, and we are excited for what it will bring to our profession as we strive to create member value and benefits that in turn contribute to creating a stronger trust relationship with Canadian business.

With this new tiered pathway to certification comes a new membership structure and defined set of benefits for each category. The main changes are in the Non-Certified Member categories, Tiers 1 - 3.
The associated benefits can be found on the IPBC website on the Member Benefits page.

Software Certification 

The Tiers pathway requires bookkeepers to have some degree of accounting software certification.  We are providing you with a few certification options however there are other companies that offer certification that are acceptable and may meet this requirement. Please contact the companies listed below if you have any questions and for further information on their software certification.

QBO Certification - 4 part webinar series
View the four part 
training sessions and take the basic QBO Core exam online - 24/7
Part 1 Getting Started & Sales and Customers 
Part 2 Expenses, Suppliers and Online Banking 
Part 3 Company Activities & Automation 
Part 4 Setting up Client Files & Files in QuickBooks Online


QBD  ProAdvisor Program                    








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