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Rebrand - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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In Fall of 2019, we announced the decision by the IPBC board of directors to change our brand name from the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) to Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada). Our legal name will remain as IPBC. For this exciting initiative, the IPBC team is keeping in mind the vision and goals of the IPBC, which are to:

  • increase our brand equity and perceived value 
  • be recognized as the leading national certifying body for professional bookkeepers in Canada
  • attract new members and partnerships
  • communicate a sense of belonging

To clarify the process, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs sent by members over the past few months:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you changing the brand name to CPB Canada?

A: We have already received a large amount of feedback that the IPBC brand has become dated, as was established more than 10 year ago. The term “Institute” is typically associated with an educational or research organization. As a result, our current brand name, IPBC, does not clearly communicate who we are and what we do by name alone.

It is not uncommon, even for some of the biggest and most well-known brands, to modernize their brand presence to maintain relevancy. Given we are in the midst of the MMS & Website initiative, it is an ideal opportunity to go with a new look and feel that is more modern and appeals to a broader audience - including the next generation of bookkeeping professionals.


Q: What will the new logo look like?

A: The IPBC is on an exciting rebrand journey and we were thrilled to share three draft logo concepts with our members. Based on the feedback we received, we finalized the new logo and will release the final concept when we launch the new CPB Canada website.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve with the rebrand initiative?

A: Our goals with the new brand name are to clearly communicate who we are and what we do and position CPB Canada as THE national certifying body for professional bookkeepers.

Through our updated logo, website, and social media channels we will further strengthen the position of the association as:

  • bringing together a community of like-minded professionals
  • industry leaders with a national standard
  • supporting member learning and career growth
  • a key connector between Canadian bookkeeping professionals and the businesses that need to hire bookkeepers
  • a place where everyone can belong – from students to experienced professionals


Q: Will non-certified members still belong to CPB Canada?

A: Yes. Whether you’re an experienced professional, a student, or just starting out in your career, IPBC has the programs and services you need to succeed as a bookkeeping professional in Canada. The new website will clearly communicate that we are a community of like-minded professionals – where all bookkeepers have a place to belong. 

Non-certified members (Basic, Tier 1 – Tier 3, Affiliate) and certified members (Tier 4) will have an opportunity to increase their visibility, enhance their professional brand, and gain recognition through our CPB designation learning pathway. 

Q:What about the IPBC & CPB logos? Can I still use them on my website or email signature?

A: In place of the current IPBC and CPB logos, members will be asked to display their certification level with CPB Canada through a badge of achievement - each level having their own badge. The achievement badges will be similar to a logo and will be provided to professional members as we launch our new website. Members will not be permitted to use the CPB Canada logo to communicate their certification level. 

Q: What happens if a member uses the logo anyway?

A: If it is brought to our attention that any member is using the new CPB Canada logo to communicate their certification level, we will ensure they have a clear understanding of the brand standards set by CPB Canada and will ask them to use the badge instead. We will continue to monitor their brand usage, over a period of time, to ensure it meets our standards.

Q: What will happen to my CPB certificate? 

A: As we launch the new MMS, website, and brand, all CPBs will receive a new certificate with the updated logo and brand name.


Q: How will you reach out to the next generation of bookkeeping professionals?

A: Our team is working hard on the new member management system, website, and content update and in the process, creating strategies to reach a broader audience (e.g., experienced professionals, early career bookkeepers, students, CPAs, employers, tech partners). 
These strategies include:

  • providing user-friendly navigation, clear calls to action, and engaging content for the new website that appeals to various audiences 
  • developing a comprehensive social media outreach action plan targeting our various audiences 
  • creating a comprehensive SEO strategy, making it easier for potential members, partners, and employers to find our association on the internet 
  • exploring partnerships with relevant colleges and universities to attract the next generation of bookkeeping professionals


Q: When will the new logo, MMS, and website launch?

A: We are launching in early Summer 2020 and will continue to monitor the progress and provide updates as the project progresses.





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